Wake-up Call

Me (Howard) in hospital shortly before discharge to rehab facility, Jan. 19, 2024 As some readers may already know (if they also follow me or Pen-for-Rent on Facebook or LinkedIn), I had myself a little myocardial infarct (love that word!) back in mid-January. As you will no doubt infer from this post, I’m now well […]

For His 111th Birthday, a Few More Dad Stories

Dad test-driving my tricycle, late 1940s Yesterday would have been my dad’s birthday. Actually it was his birthday — not “would have been.” Unfortunately, he is no longer with us to have enjoyed it, not that he would likely have enjoyed being as creaky as one might be at 1.11 centuries of age. I recall […]

Crowning Thoughts — And Raining on a Reigning Parade

King Charles III Yesterday’s coronation of King Charles III in Great Britain brings to mind a few thoughts. First, some seven-decade-old recollections and then a bit of provocative musing for which admirers of monarchy — not just fans of the British royal family — could be forgiven for thinking that I’m raining on the reigning […]

My Immigrant Family — Part Two

My mom, Mollie Sekuler Daniel, roughly two years old, circa 1914 A month and a half ago, I started off the new year with a little century-old history of my dad’s family. Today I’m turning to my mom’s family. Like the photos of my dad with his family in January’s post, the wonderful photo of […]

Morning Musings From a Guest Blogger

Today, a first. But hopefully not the last. A guest blog (the only guest blog in this collection) from the love of my life, Sandra Kelley:* (Photo copyright © Sandra Kelley-Daniel 2023) Poem & Prose in the quiet, anticipatory dark coffee hiccups and sputters night’s tenure is almost over through the window wall I see a […]

My Immigrant Family

Lena and Meyer Daniel, 1918-19, with children Ray, Sally and Nathan I’m starting off the new year with a bit of century-old history. While Sandra and I were visiting the East Coast a few months ago, my cousin Trude (see photo at the end of this post) showed me a couple of very old photos in […]

Summer Bookends

Our granddaughter Sophia reading from the Torah at her bat mitzvah as her parents Jodi and Adam look on. Since I wrote my last blog post two months ago, it’s been an eventful family summer for Sandra and me — and for our kids and grandkids. It kicked off, as summers in the U.S. traditionally […]

Beating a Cold the Hard Way

Hovercraft crossing the English Channel, the White Cliffs of Dover in the background A cold nearly tripped up our trip to Michigan for our daughter Naomi’s wedding last month. The day before we were to leave (on Thursday before the Sunday wedding), Sandra felt the classic symptoms coming on and was hoping it was just […]

A Marriage Made in … Michigan!

Clarke & Naomi, happily married Last Thursday, Sandra and I, accompanied by Melissa — our “Santa Rosa daughter,” the youngest of our three kids — and our granddaughter Amarie, flew to Michigan to participate in the wedding of our eldest kid, Naomi, to a wonderful new son-in-law, Clarke Taylor. The ceremony took place at their […]

Vintage Guitar Hall of Fame Honors My Dad

Nat Daniel write-up in Vintage Guitar Magazine I’m celebrating! I just got word that my dad, electric guitar and amplifier pioneer Nathan I. Daniel, has been honored as 2021 Innovator of the Year in Vintage Guitar Magazine’s Hall of Fame. A good friend — a highly knowledgeable admirer of my father’s innovative guitars and amps […]