Morning Musings From a Guest Blogger

Today, a first. But hopefully not the last. A guest blog (the only guest blog in this collection) from the love of my life, Sandra Kelley:* (Photo copyright © Sandra Kelley-Daniel 2023) Poem & Prose in the quiet, anticipatory dark coffee hiccups and sputters night’s tenure is almost over through the window wall I see a […]

Who* Are You Kidding?

I’ll respond to the headline with another question — “Are you just kidding yourself?” If you think your writing works as well as you imagine it does to boost your business or your favorite cause, then maybe you are kidding yourself. By the time we reach adulthood, with school and perhaps even a graduate degree […]

Scamming Attempts on Writers Rise to Pulitzer Level

As faithful readers will no doubt recall, several weeks ago I recounted on this blog the tale of Jack Schmidt, who chose this obscure business writer as the target of an attempted $4,000 scam. Clearly unfazed by their failure to bag me, Jack and his gang have recently tried upping their game. Their latest target […]

Who Wants to Scam a Writer?

How far has the bar been lowered? Perhaps the all-time greatest scammer in history, Bernie Madoff, made a fortune by fleecing the rich and famous. That was over a decade ago. Today, the scammers are no longer setting their sights so high. They actually went after me, a content writer and editor whose earnings have […]

Beating a Cold the Hard Way

Hovercraft crossing the English Channel, the White Cliffs of Dover in the background A cold nearly tripped up our trip to Michigan for our daughter Naomi’s wedding last month. The day before we were to leave (on Thursday before the Sunday wedding), Sandra felt the classic symptoms coming on and was hoping it was just […]

Staying in Touch: The Other Side of Networking

The Dutra Group’s work at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, discussed below Not long before last Halloween, I got a message from someone I’d collaborated with several years ago. She had long since left the firm she’d been at when we first worked together, but — as is the case with most people I get to […]

Richard R. Kelley, Dec. 28, 1933 – Feb. 24, 2022

February 24 will long be remembered as the day when Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. Awful as I feel about this appalling act of aggression in a part of the world of great interest to me, February 24, 2022, will for me also be the date of a more personal loss. It’s the day […]

Birth of a Book

Last Monday, November 1, 2021, was a big day for an old friend, Dr. Richard Kelley. I say “old” not just because he’ll soon be celebrating his 88th birthday, but also because I’ve had the pleasure of working with him now for nearly 20 years.1 Monday was big because it’s when his just-published book — […]

Top of Mind

This is the writer and editor behind Pen-for-Rent Two weeks ago I celebrated something very nice — my Pen-for-Rent page on LinkedIn blew past the 10,000 followers mark. Greatly adding to my gratification at reaching this milestone was discovering (in the information provided by LinkedIn) that my page’s “engagement rate” of nearly 9% was higher […]

‘CorporateSpeak’ and Condescension in Business Letters

A business letter In his novel 1984, George Orwell wrote about Newspeak,1 which “Big Brother” — i.e., the totalitarian government — wanted to replace Oldspeak (everyday English). In 1984’s dystopian society, the objective of Newspeak was to strengthen government control of the populace by shaping and limiting its vocabulary. I’ve begun this piece by referring to […]