Brown E’s for dessert!

April Fools’ Day — yes, that’s the correct way to write it — is now a little over a month in the rear-view mirror, and as followers of this blog will be aware, I’ve had other things on my mind since then. Nevertheless, my daughter Naomi found a great way to “celebrate” the occasion with her kids. And it was just too sweet, so to speak, for me not to share it. So here, mostly in her own words, is a belated account of Naomi’s gag:

“I told Nathan and Lucas I had a special dessert for them. After dinner I brought out from the kitchen a tiny dish with two foil-wrapped “chocolates” for each of them. But, when they opened the foil, what they found were grapes — April Fools!

“So I said, ‘Just kidding — I made you brownies.’ And that’s what I had actually done. I gave each of them a little dish with a brown-paper E I had made!

“Ha ha! April Fools!

“But I finally relented and gave them ice cream, which they greatly enjoyed. I certainly didn’t want to be mean.”

Great job, Naomi! Best-ever April Fools’ prank — in our family, at least!

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