Cause for Outrage

Building in Israel hit by rocket from Gaza 

The world gives us much cause for outrage. Just this morning, I learned that the illegitimately “re-elected” president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, had his air traffic controllers and his MiGs force a civilian airliner from Ireland, which was crossing Belarussian airspace en route from Greece to Lithuania, to land in Minsk so that a dissident Belarussian journalist passenger, facing the death penalty in Belarus, could be arrested.

That’s outrageous, but it’s not what I’m going to write about now. No. I’m going to write instead about some things that I find even more outrageous:

  • About how, for most of the past couple of weeks, Palestinian terrorists (Hamas and Islamic Jihad) in Gaza launched about 4,000 rockets at Israeli cities and towns in a deliberate effort to kill Jewish civilians, including children and the elderly.
  • About how those rocket launchers were deliberately and cynically sited in residential areas, so that Gaza’s civilians would serve as human shields against Israeli efforts to destroy the rocket launchers and the terrorists who operated them. (Hiding behind civilians in order to have an easier shot at the other side’s civilians is a double war crime.)
  • About how pro-Palestinian demonstrators and others in the U.S. and Europe have not just made plain their sympathies for murderous Jew haters, but have chased and assaulted Jews in our own streets.
  • About how pro-Palestinian members of Congress have pressured the Biden administration to force Israel to hold its fire before it had finished the job of grievously damaging the ability of the terrorists to start shooting at Jews again. (From much that I’ve been reading, it’s clear that radical, anti-Semitic members of “the Squad” — such as Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), poster ladies for left-wing anti-Semitism — have succeeded in substantially weakening the support for Israel of the Democratic Party’s moderates in Congress and, worse, among its voter base.)

I’m also outraged at how poorly reported and   understood is the fact that the Israeli Air Force (IAF), in striking at rocket launchers, other terrorist infrastructure and terrorist combatants (also deliberately hidden in civilian areas of Gaza), made herculean efforts to minimize and if possible avoid civilian casualties by making advance phone warnings and “roof knocking” (alerting the inhabitants of buildings housing Hamas infrastructure before bombing them), efforts unprecedented in the history of warfare anywhere in the world.

And at how poorly reported was the much-discussed disparity between casualties in Israel (few) and Gaza (many more) not being a result of Israeli indifference to Palestinian suffering but only a result of Israel’s ability to intercept most of the terrorists’ rockets. If not for Israel’s domestically developed Iron Dome anti-missile system, civilian casualties in Israel would have equaled or exceeded those in Gaza.

And also at how poorly reported was the fact that many of the Gaza casualties resulted not from Israeli fire, but from Hamas-launched rockets, aimed at Israel, that fell short of the border and landed in Gaza, killing their own civilians. By some estimates, one out of three Gaza rockets landed in their own territory.

I’ve been following these events closely — as I’ve been following the Israel-Arab conflict since the mid-1950s as a concerned American Jew — and for anyone interested, I’m listing several links that I believe shed valuable light on what’s been going on:

Two final thoughts to keep in mind:

  • Israel’s late Prime Minister Golda Meir: “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”
  • Current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more ‎violence. If the Jews put ‎down their weapons ‎today, there would be no ‎more Israel.”
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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    Howard. Our leadership is not responsible for this, but they could have far more vocal in the support of Israel. Ours is a domestic agenda which Jews have supported. The lack of commitment is part of that agenda. We see the price being paid for supporting our current leadership. We have collectively placed form and style as our priorities. It will continue, most unfortunately. I left the Democratic party with Jimmy Carter and don’t regret it. The rest of the Jewish community should as well. It is not our party. It does not respect us.

    • Howard Daniel
      Howard Daniel says:

      Thanks, Paul. It seems to me that both major parties have lost (or are fast losing) their way. Trump has turned the Republican Party into a (sometimes violent) freak show, and the radical left is well on the way to doing the same (including the violent part) to the Democrats. The statesmen of both parties are increasingly isolated (or have given up and joined the freaks), and every day it’s looking more and more like the inmates are running the asylum. Normal people have nowhere safe and sensible to call their political home. I’m glad I’m old enough to probably not live to see the coming train wreck.


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