Kisses and Buses: Do You Know the Difference?

Can you tell the difference between a kiss and a bus? What a crazy question! A kiss is a smooch and a bus is a coach, two entirely different things (that almost rhyme).

Do you know any other words for kiss? Probably very few. Smooch is pretty good, and if you want to pile on a few extra syllables (not generally recommended), you can go for osculate (verb) or osculation (noun).

You can also say buss, a happy, enthusiastic kiss. And that can pose a bit of a problem. Because when you refer to more than one kiss or buss, you write kisses or busses.

And what do you write when you refer to more than one bus? A couple of buses.

But some people write busses. Really? They might say, “Some busses go from New York to Boston.” If you ask me, however much in love you are, that’s a pretty long time to keep a kiss going!

Wouldn’t it be better to avoid confusion by writing that some buses go from New York to Boston?

And leave the bussing to people who are not trying to set a record?

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