Seven Centuries of ‘Sex, Lies But No Videotape’

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A book whose contents I’ve been editing on and off over the past year and a half has now been published. Pancheri – Our Story is the life’s avocational work of an extraordinary guy, now a friend, Gene Pancheri, a retired chemical engineer living in Cincinnati, who discovered his family’s roots in a sub-Alpine valley in northern Italy. For some four decades he’s been flying to and from Italy several times a year, digging into dusty archives. He’s found that everyone on the planet who shares his surname is a cousin! They all descend from one man, the illegitimate son of a nobleman who lived some 700 years ago. As I wrote in the publisher’s descriptive blurb, the book tells “the story of a multibillionaire ancestor, a peasant revolt, a besieged castle, a witch trial, droit du seigneur, a ‘Trojan pig,’ the Black Death, a priest drowned in holy water and much more – seven centuries of Sex, Lies But No Videotape.” The book is available at

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