What Car Is This?

saab-900-2002Lyrics that I dreamed up for the benefit of our kids at Christmastime 1977 when I was working at the U.S. consulate-general in Leningrad, USSR. We had just washed our (very dirty) blue Saab. These lyrics were originally published in the Neva Neva News, the occasional newsletter of the consulate-general staff. Sung to the tune of the carol What Child Is This? (Greensleeves).

What car is this that we’ve brought home?
It’s shiny and you can see the chrome.
We’ve shed the mud, so please be good
And don’t drive through puddles from now on!

Shine, shine, oh blue, blue car,
Your gleam can be seen from very far.
Shine, shine and let me be
Visible to the KGB!

(The KGB was always following us and bugging our conversations.)

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